A big, enthusiastic thank you to all of the Absolutes!!  We had such fun (I'm not sure you could tell?!) and we got so many compliments about the music!  We appreciated all of your assistance throughout the planning and your flexibility and professionalism.  And you guys were so sweet to get us a bottle of wine!! Too much :) !!!!  Thanks for being the "absolute" best!  Can't wait to book you for our 10 year anniversary!!
    - Denver Wedding, October 2015

"The Absolutes performed at our wedding and did a phenomenal job! Communication was easy, the band was thoughtful and very professional.  The music was fantastic, people were shakin' their booties and everyone had a great time. The band's repertoire was a perfect fit for the (mostly) Chicago-ish crowd. It was obvious that The Absolutes love the music they play, which makes a big difference."
    - Felix & Megan Wedding, September 2015

"Saw you Friday night at Equinox and came up to say hello. You guys are great! I grew up in the Chicago area and all your blues, R&B and soul is what I know and love. We need this music in Ft. Collins. Hope to see you again at another venue."  
  - Email from Mike C, July, 2015

The Absolutes are amazing! They play a great mix of music, all of which gets people out on the dance floor. All of the members are very professional and enjoy entertaining. I would recommend this group for any event.

  - Dan Champion, Department Director, Colorado State University Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology Department Holiday Party, December 2014


Absolutes - Thank you for making our celebration so much fun.  I can't tell you all of the positive comments I heard about the band.  We had a lot of fun!  
   - Dr. Jamie Erskine, University of Northern Colorado, November 2014

"Lets celebrate, we have the Absolutes here tonight. We got them back as soon as we could, simply because everyone asked me to! A great band, a guaranteed fun night, and delicious home made food."  
  - The Pourhouse Bar and Grill, November, 2013

"The Absolutes performed at my 60th birthday party in July 2013. From my perspective and pretty much everyone there, the band made the party. It turned what could have been an ordinary event into something special. The music got people up and dancing and made the night memorable. They play a nice mix of music that appealed to a diverse crowd. They sounded tight and professional. The band members couldn’t have been easier to work with or nicer. I wish I had another occasion to have them come back and play again, but you only turn 60 once. I definitely look forward to hearing them play around town in the future, because I think they are that good to go hear again and again. Thanks Absolutes for an awesome 60th."
   - Private Party, July 2013

"The Absolutes" were the absolute HIGHLIGHT of our wedding reception! People I didn't even know could dance were out there shaking their thing! And it was extremely romantic when they covered Shine A Light for me at my husbands request. I definitely thank them for a great night had by all!"

    - Patsko Wedding, June 2013